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Sources for Irish Family History by James G Ryan (Editor)


The definitive guide to books, monographs and periodical papers on Irish families.

ISBN: 978-0-9539974-2-8


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Belleek Shamrock Gift Set
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Bring a little bit of Irish heritage to any room in your home. Destined to become an heirloom, this beautiful handcrafted bowl is made exclusively for us by Belleek and can be enjoyed for years to come. Filled with lush shamrock and the land itself, you will create a true connection to the Emerald Isle in just a few short weeks. Makes for a wonderful and unique gift!

Gift Set Includes:

• Exclusive Handcrafted Belleek Bowl
• One Pound of Official Irish Dirt
• One Packet of Shamrock Seeds (apx 500 count)

Gift Ideas:

• Christmas
• Thanksgiving
• House Warming
• Birthday
• Wedding
• Christening
• Graduation
• Mother's Day
• Father's Day
• Any other Special Occasion

The Bowl:

The bowl in our Shamrock Gift Box is made by Belleek Pottery in Co Fermanagh (actually it is right on the border between Co Donegal and Co Fermanagh) exclusively for us at Auld Sod Gifts. All bowls carry the Belleek stamp and no two bowls are the same. Belleek is world renowned for its fine parian china. All bowls are handcrafted by master craftsmen from the same material and in the same time honoured manner for over 150 years.
Visit Our Friends page to learn more about Belleek Pottery and to see images of craftsman creating and painting this bowl by hand!

The Dirt:

Not only made in Ireland but OF Ireland, the dirt in this gift set is Official Irish Dirt which we import from County Tipperary. It’s really the land itself! We have a patented process for production and we are THE only importer of Irish Dirt in North America. We exceed all USDA guidelines for importation and have received the “Guaranteed Irish” seal. Print a Certificate of Authenticity for your records!

The Shamrock:

The shamrock seeds we offer are in fact The Real Irish Shamrock (Trifolium Dubium)as officially recognized by the Government of Ireland as the Official Irish Shamrock. Believe it or not, there is a variety of shamrock recognized as the Official Irish Shamrock which is very hard to source and is not your run of the mill clover. The true Irish shamrock has three small solid green leaves, NEVER four and grows a small yellow flower (after 6 to 8 weeks), not pink or white. True Irish shamrock will fold up their leaves at night or when not exposed to enough light.

Although they germinate in just a few days, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to completely fill out as shown in our image. Two leaves on each seedling will appear first and a few days later, the third. The seeds are so tiny that we coat them with lime (or “pelletize” them) so that they are easier to sow. The lime is all natural and is also beneficial because it helps to raise the PH if grown in an acidic soil. Shamrock is an annual plant and when grown indoors, will eventually die back. You are provided with apx 500 seeds which are more than enough to re-plant this bowl several times over. If transplanted outside, let it flower and go to seed and you will enjoy them from year to year!

The story of the Shamrock:

The name Shamrock is derived from the Irish “seamrog” meaning “summer plant”. It is Ireland’s most famous symbol and symbolises the Cross and the Blessed Trinity. Its trefoil shaped leaves meant it was a sacred plant of the ancient Druids of Ireland and of other ancient civilisations around the world. The shamrock is forever connected to the teachings of the Three in One Trinity by St Patrick in the fifth century and his banishment of serpents from Ireland as snakes would never be seen on trefoil.

Growing Tips:

Seeds will begin to germinate in a few days. The image shown is 3 to 4 weeks of growth.

  • Mist often – 3 to 4 times a day to simulate Irish rain showers
  • Avoid over watering – the Belleek bowl does not have a drainage hole and we certainly don’t recommend drilling one in it!
  • Place in indirect sunlight
  • Keep the soil moist but NOT wet
  • To help you maintain consistent moisture, try placing a small square of tissue over the un-germinated seeds. When you see that the tissue is dry, mist it until it is moist but not soaking wet. Remove when seeds sprout.
  • To ensure even growth, turn plant daily (your shamrock will reach for the sun)
  • Seeds may germinate quicker if you put them in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer)for 24 hours before planting
  • 2 leaves will appear on each seedling first – the 3rd will appear a few days later


Belleek Shamrock Gift Set

Grow real Irish shamrock in Official Irish Dirt in a handcrafted Irish Belleek bowl!

(NOTE: Due to import restrictions, this products is only available for shipment to customers in the USA - This product is shipped directly from our US partners to any address in the USA. The price includes shipping to any destination in the USA. Delivery time is 5-8 days)

Product Code: GBOX3585USA

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